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Below is a copy of the email I have sent to Mr. Miller (note the irony, Bud Light's lawyer's name is Miller)

Mr. Miller,     

Anheuser-Busch should open its eyes, and think a little less about its pocketbook.  These ads are hilarious, and obviously in demand, otherwise, pretty little suits like yourself would not have to go into "gestapo-mode" with simple webmasters who happen to approve of your ad campaign and want to see that those who love it can hear it, and those who know nothing of it have a chance to find out about it.  No one is taking money from you, and any money these webmasters make is from miniscule donations to help them pay for bandwidth so that they may openly share these funny ads.  By intimidating these people, all you really say is, "Nothing about our corp. is charitable, we cannot allow anyone to even mention our name without giving us a nickel first."

Please don't lecture about copyright laws and the like, I know what the law says, but it is your choice whether or not you choose to follow the letter of the law or the spirit of the law.  Perhaps in your years at law school, they never mentioned this little conundrum..."letter vs. spirit."  Or perhaps they did, and openly squashed all notion of spirit, that would certainly explain the soulless nature given to many of your ilk.

My real concern here is not that someone is posting your commercials on a website and allowing free downloads thereof, but rather that Anheuser ITSELF is NOT doing this.  Could you really need that much money??  I would humbly request that you stop your witch hunt on these websites, and allow everyone open access to the RMOG commercials.  There are other ways for people to procure these files, so stepping on the little guy won't stop your problem, it will only show your corp. as a tyrant.

Regards, The Horseman


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