Bud Light Sucks


Fan Feedback


Dear Mr. Miller,

WOW!  While I can understand that from an association reference standpoint you might be concerned with 'whipnet's' use of your logos and the like, but to force them to stop advertising your products and commercials for free is somewhat marketing suicide.

Although I know that Anheuser-Busch does not need free advertising as Budweiser and Bud Light could easily be the most recognizable names and most consumed products in their respective categories, it seems foolish to upset your loyal consumers by not allowing them access to thier (your) favorite marketing campaign.

I am a loyal Bud Light drinker (so far), and enjoy listening to these great commercials. Kudos on the idea, by the way. It seems that this 'legal' issue could be resolved with a disclaimer on the whipnet site stating that no affiliation with your company is neither inferred or implied. Problem solved, free advertizing continues and loyal real men and fans of said real men are allowed access that which makes us enjoy your products all the more. Kinda makes sense in the whole marketing budget thing too huh? Ya know, advertizements and draw to your products which increases your bottom line? For Free!

Hope to see you come to some logical and fair agreement that satisfies everybody, including us consumers, after all areen't we the ones that actually make your bottom line a reality.

Sincerely, Daniel R. (Company Beerholder)


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