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Whipnet Webmaster:

CC:  Scott Miller

I can only speculate how much dialog there has been between you and Anheuser-Busch regarding this issue, however, I would like to present a suggestion or two that you can either use to come to an agreement with Anheuser-Busch's representatives or simply ensure you are within legal copyright standing.  You should also ask for a hard/soft copy of the copy right document sighting the paragraph #'s and sections under which you are being accused of infringing upon.

-  I'm fairly positive you will have to create a new domain name that does not refer to Bud Light or any other products that are trade marked...blah blah blah

-  Bud Light symbols would probably have to go

-  State that your (new) site is strictly a(n) (unofficial) fan site and possibly create a link to the actual Anheuser-Busch website

-  It's already understood that you are not selling, marketing or making a profit off, nor have you done so in the past, anything related to the company or subsidiaries that hold copy right documents and trademark documents who said products

These possible suggestions are being presented as possible means to keep a popular website that receives X number of hits a day from people that hear these hilarious commercials on the radio, or even see the few available on TV, and want another dose.  It also gives these users and hard core Anheuser-Bush fanatics and enthusiast a chance to view/hear the other commercials that they might not have previously had an opportunity to experience.

I would like to restate the fact that no profit is being taken/made from/off the original corporation that created these files.  These are strictly available free of charge to the mass public, as they are when transmitted over radio waves, as a means of entertainment as well as a plug for a trademarked product.  I personally, so long as all other disassociations were made from origin company, would accept this as a means of FREE advertising for this company.  I like playing these clips for my friends who haven't had the opportunity that I have.  There simply isn't enough air time on the radio to hear all there is to hear from this campaign.

I want to take this opportunity to say I am in no way associated with Whipnet and I am solely and completely voluntarily submitting this E-Mail as a concerned viewer of this site in response to the letter from Scott Miller.  I find the commercials from the genius campaign "Real men of Genius", absolutely hilarious.  I am a true Anheuser-Busch follower and have been since my legal and responsible age of 21 and will continue despite these complications.  My only point here is, Whatever happened to no harm, no foul?  Why kill the fun (as long as the website more clearly disassociates itself)?  Can an agreement be reached rather than have the entire site torn down?

Thank you for your time.




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