Bud Light Sucks


Fan Feedback

As a lot of you Real Men of Genius Advertisement fans out there may know, the Real American Hero's / Real Men of Genius radio commercials are getting hard to find on the web. Even with the internet's reputation of being able to say whatever you want, some things still can't be made available for long without someone crying about it. And so it is true for the RMOG fans. This site has had the MP3's available for quite some time and your not so friendly 'powers that be' have demanded that the FREE ADVERTISING be removed. That site was merely helping to promote the product and from what I can tell, not trying to fool anyone into thinking that they were Anheuser-Busch or had any affiliation with that company. They had only recently begun promoting Google ads (probably just to help pay for the bandwidth usage) and that's when Anheuser-Busch came down on them.

What a bunch of crap that is... and this letter from the lawyer at AB (see below) is just plain BS (legal as it may be); you would think that companies would welcome additional FREE advertising for their product (which I think tastes like piss). In any case, you only have a few more days to get the MP3's from that site before they are supposed to remove them. A lot of sites in the past have removed their respective sites immediately and not apparently voiced any opinions on this issue. Tell Anheuser-Busch that the MP3's should remain available on the net and that this site would make a great place to host them under the authority of Anheuser-Busch. This way, there will always be a place to hear them on demand and Anheuser-Busch won't have to worry so much about who might be bringing them additional popularity and FREE marketing. Maybe they should swap the theme of the site to an anti bud light site. LOL!

The cheesy ba$tards need to loosen up and not worry about a few MP3's which are likely all over P2P networks anyway. The more people listen to them, the more popular that crap could be... Aren't they in the game to make money anyway? Surely the lawyers have better things to do than chase after a few internet sites.? I wouldn't want any lawyer hassling me over something like this....



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