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Dear Budlight Company Representatives,

    This email is in regard to a recent issue that I have become aware of. I have recently heard that you are planning removal of your Budlight Real Men of Genius MP3's from some personal internet sites How ridiculous are you people?  Please let's not forget that you have many upon many fans of these short songs, and it is to my knowledge that these small sites, among other unnamed resources,are the only places for fans of these songs to hear them.

I understand if it is a monatary issue here, but it seems to me to be just personal nit-picking on your part. If money was the real issue then why don't you people just create a few cd's full of the tracks and then post buying options on your websites, and subsidary websites that you own?  Seems to be a real pain in the ass to me to cause such an issue over something stupid.  A strong point that you people seem to not realize is that fans of these songs will forget about them and move onto the next big advertising wizard by another company, if you take away the only option they have to
hearing them.

I for one am a big fan of these, but I will not support a company who has the time to cry over little issues.  Another thing, you don't want to be associated with the for-said web sites, give me a break.

These sites do not contain porn, crude language, or other inappropriate things. Quit crying about it.  There are many important issues facing this country and the times we live in, it's just sad that you feel the need to make this an issue. Oh well, it's your company's loss, no known way to get the songs out there to more people, THE CONSUMER, and there fore you may lose business, it sucks, but it could happen. So long suckers, you just lost one customer, and many will follow!!!!

Lisa P


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