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Maybe i'm a little stupid here but quoting your letter, the term "unauthorized audio files of many Anheuser-Busch radio advertisements" suggests that these were stolen property when in fact they are heard by millions of people on a daily basis for free on terestrial radio. seems to me you can call something to you give away for free owned property unless someone is claiming to have conceived of these ads and profit from them.

Now i can understand the possibility of people thinking AB is affiliated with whipnet and AB not wanting that so wouldn't it be wise to ask that the site express the non-affiliation with AB rather than to forgo further free advertising. I can personally say that the ads are very entertaining but in no way inspire me to buy or drink Bud Light. if i decide to drink an AB product it's soley because of my preference and not because the commercial makes me laugh. i think that more than 50% of your customers (probably closer to 90%) are with me on this making the ads just an entertaining way to get the Bud Light Brand heard by more people who might be inclined to turn it up rather than change the channel and i think this site is a perfect way to do just that with no effort or cost to you.

now again i could understand if this person or company running this site were using the ads to draw traffic for profit but i feel that they are just sharing entertainment. maybe i don't know enough about the law but if i heard this ad on the radio and was able to record it and then shared that recording with a friend so that he might enjoy it as much as i did would i be breaking any laws? i don't believe so and with that said how is this different? before you start thinking about intelectual property keep in mind this was not a bootlegged recording that is being sold or pirated, this was simply the rebroadcast of a " free " advertisement. one more thing to keep in mind, i tried to go to the AB site to CC this letter there also but i will not allow that site to install a cookie on my machine and without it i can not access the site and therefore i will not be trafficing the AB site. sincerely, Old enough to drink, but now how will i know what kind of beer to drink?



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