Bud Light Sucks


Fan Feedback


Mr. Miller,

I've just discovered that a site which provided the "Real Men of Genius" commercials has been shut down due to your threatening letter regarding a lawsuit.

I'm truly puzzled as to why your company would do this.

I found this site not that long ago and I was finally able to hear some of my favorite commercials I hadn't heard in a long time.  I showed this site to most of my friends and it spread like wildfire.

The first time we listened to it was in the office with most of my co-workers huddled around my desk laughing.  Many of the people had never even heard of these commercials (they must be living in a hole!) Anyways, I wanted to express my disappointment at your companies decision to end this popular outlet of free advertising. 

I wonder if perhaps the official anheuser-busch company site would consider having these tracks available. 

-Dave W


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