Bud Light Sucks


Fan Feedback


Dear Anheuser-Busch

As you have probably received thousands of emails and comments in regards to the MP3's of Bud Light commercials.  I feel that at least for all the money that I spend buying your products I should get someone to take a minute and read this email.

As a customer I request that the MP3's should remain available on the net and the Whipnet.com site can be a great place to host them under the authority of Anheuser-Busch.

It doesn't make sense to me and thousands of others, that your company is getting free advertisement through several sites and you demand to take them off.

Well, the public doesn't want these MP3s to come off from the Internet.  We should have some voice or are we just good enough to sponsor with our money but not good enough to be heard?

I hope your company takes this matter into good consideration or why should I or anyone I know sponsor you!



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