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Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to you with regards to your heavy-handed decision to force the administrator of the website at http://budlight.whipnet.com/ to remove audio recordings of your hilarious "Real Men of Genius" campaign.

I do not live in an area where this campaign is regularly run, but discovered the campaign though the named site and was greatly entertained. I drank my first Budweiser for years the other night as I remembered the campaign when I was at the pub and it made me smile. This is without a doubt the best form of advertising, as the beer tasted like ass but I still bought it because of the marketing.

I feel your decision to go along with the current trend of attempting to exert totalitarian control over intellectual property is not in your best interest, as AB were receiving a vast amount of free publicity from the administrator of the Whipnet site (which he no doubt paid for, he quotes 60000 downloads of the MP3 files hosted, a huge bandwidth bill for him and probably a reasonable number of sales for you). If anything, AB should be paying him for the sales he generates for your company.

I think I'll return to no longer consuming Budweiser products.

G Price


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