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Just thought I'd share me e-mail letter to AB:

Dear Beer Company Rep,

I'm writing to voice my displeasure with AB for making everyone take done their very funny Radio Commercials.  It has and will continue to anger most internet users of which i'm sure are their target age bracket.  I know I will not drink or purchase any AB product anymore.  Why such a big company would go out of its way to annoy its consumers and potential consumers for no apparent reason is beyond me.  The farse that people on the internet may confuse the "business" relationship of the beer company to a website hosting mp3s is absurd.  In my opinion the person who drafted the legal letter should be fired for lack of creativity if not intelligence.  It is well within your rights to be a prick to your consumers, I'm just suprised you exercised it.

You can start a new ad campaign, RMOI

Real Men of Ineptitude:
Here's to you good for nothing Beer company executives.  You may make millions of dollars but that won't stop you from pissing off your entire consumer base.  You make dumb decisions like to take down commercials being aired for free, who would want their marketing marketed for free.  So here's to you oh Prince of Pricks.  Whenever there's a chance to make more money you'll be there to screw it up.

Real Men of Ineptitude.

Joshua E

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