Bud Light Sucks


Fan Feedback


i just thought i would let you know, that you pulled your advertising from a third party site, in no way benefits you, its free advertising, its not rocket science on making your advertising go further.  hell it probably cost you 2 million dollars to create those short 1 minute "bud light presents: real american heroes" commercials.   get a little milage out of them, you do know that they got 600,000 hits a DAY. hello. knock knock, anyone inside that brain trust of yours?
Common people Salute: Real men of genius.  Heres to you, Bud Light Advertising Department.  With your Brilliant ideas, to make your own advertising more costly, you have indeed inspired the common people to buy another beer product.  600,000 hits a day for free just doesnt make sense to you.  AND for good reasons im sure.   SO crack open a cold Bud light, smart advertising man, because without your ingenius ideas to make advertising even more costly than it already is, we'd all be still enjoying your product.


in the words of Napoleon Dynamite.



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