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Mr. Miller,
I recently saw a letter that you sent to Whipnet warning them that posting your copyrighted material was a violation of U.S. copyright laws and several state laws, etc.
I guess that maybe I woke up in Bizarro World where a large company doesn't want free advertising in an international marketplace and uses baseless threats to have the same removed.
I hope that Whipnet will take the time to retain counsel to return the favor and fight you and your company's frivolous claims to products that I believe are available in the public domain. It is true that your company owns the IPR's for the trademarks and commercials...and if Whipnet or other internet websites were attempting to make a profit using these items, or were misrepresenting themselves as A-B, I would be the first in line to defend your actions. However, they are freely disseminating these materials at no cost to the public...just as the many radio stations are doing across the country who play these commercials. Any person with a recording device can copy these commercials freely when they play.
Maybe you should spend time representing your clients against actual cases of infringement instead of denying the public the enjoyment of these commercials...which brings your clients more publicity, and in turn: more profits.
Michael G


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