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Good Day AB,

I sent an e-mail earlier this year - praising your advertising/marketing team for coming up with such a GREAT radio advertising campaign.  I have always been a fan of the BL radio spots - they crack me up everytime I hear a new one. I call all my friends and ask if they heard the new BL Real Men of Genius radio commercial.

I'm such a fan that I discovered - budlight.whipnet.com - which has the whole catalog of RMoG radio commercials available - I have friends over and I play them the spots

I love the commercials so much that I actually switched from Coors Light, Miller Lite - and I now drink BL exclusively due to the fact that the people behind these commercials are real genius'.

I have to now rethink my decision. I just went on budlight.whipnet.com to find a radio commercial - and AB has basically told Whipnet to not celebrate the genius' of these radio commercials? - that they are in violation of some legal stuff.

Come on, we want to advertise for you - that is a website celebrating THE REAL MEN of GENIUS radio commercials.  It's free advertising

Now I'm actually rethinking my decision to drink BL - and to not celebrate the REAL GENIUS BEHIND THIS RADIO CAMPAIGN.  Like anything else that has to come to an end - because there are legal issues involved due to some advertising on the budlight.whipnet.com - WHO ARE THE REAL GENIUS' NOW?

If Whipnet is so offensive and operating illegally - please provide ALL the RMoG radio commercials on BL.com. - because believe me - I love them and they need to be available - come on BL and AB - have a heart - and let whipnet advertise for you for free !!




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