Bud Light - Real Men of Genius

Mr. Bass Plaque Maker

  bud light presents real american heroes
  (real american heroes)
  today we salute you, Mr.. bass plaque maker
  (Mr.. bass plaque maker)
  only a true artist like yourself can turn five pounds of dead fish into a work of art
  (no fishy smell now)
  in your capable hands, we know that our trout will never will never look trashy, our croppy never crappy
  (never crap-ay)
  thanks to you we can say, "I caught this bass, what have you ever done?"
  (tell me now)
  so crack open an ice cold bud light Mr.. bass plaque maker.
Because while a trophy wife may grow old and wrinkled, a trophy bass can now remain forever young.
  (forever young forever young)

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