Bud Light - Real Men of Genius

Mr. Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver

Bud Light Presents: Real Men of Genius
(real men of genius)
Today we salute you, Mr. Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver.
(Mr. Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver)
You start your day with a "tip tip" and a "cheerio" which is odd because you're from Brooklyn.
(Jolly old Brooklyn!)
While most people sit behind a desk, you proudly sit two feet behind a four-legged manure factory.
No one knows the guts it takes to ride the subway to work dressed as a foppish dandy from the 18th century.
(He's a foppish dandy)
Blaring horns, profanity, vicious insults - all met with a courtly tip of your stovepipe hat.
So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, buggy boy, because the way you say "giddyup" makes us say "whoa"!
(whoa whoa whoa)


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