Bud Light - Real Men of Genius

mr. foot long hot dog inventor

bud light presents real american heroes
(real american heroes)
today we salute you, mr. foot long hot dog inventor
(mr. foot long hot dog inventor)
when conventional wisdom said no one could make a hot dog longer than six inches, you dared to dream
(dared to dream)
you knew the limitations of a regular sized hot dog bun, and you ignored them
(can't stop me now)
you made a ten inch weiner, and people cheered
but you weren't satisfied. you said, "wait, i think i can still give you two more inches."
(gotta want it)
and so the foot long was born. so crack open an ice cold bud light mr. hot dog hero, because you gave every one of us our fondest wish: a bigger weiner.
(thank you thank you thank you!)


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