Bud Light - Real Men of Genius

mr. male football cheerleader

bud light presents real american heroes
(real american heroes)
today we salute you, mr. male football cheerleader
(mr. male football cheerleader)
real men don't just play smash mouth football, real men turn cartwheels and somersaults on the sidelines, tucked safely away from the action
(don't touch me now)
fourth down and inches, the game's on the line, it all comes down to you.
will you call for a perky pyramid, or a line dance?
(get on my shoulders)
knock em back, knock em back all the way to hack em sack
(rah rah rah rah rha zis boom bah)
so grab an ice cold bud light mr. male football cheerleader.
you may never score a touchdown, but you're peppy
and that's gotta count for something.
(that's gotta count for somethin)


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