Bud Light - Real Men of Genius

Mr. In the Car Nose Picker

Bud Light Presents Real Men of Genius
(Real Men of Genius)

Today, we salute you, Mr. In the Car Nose Picker
(Mr. In the Car Nose Picker)
For you, the daily commute isn't simply a drive to the office
It's a hands on exploration deep into your shnoz.
(I'm going in now)
With pinpoint accuracy and sheer determination,
you dig for boogers like miners dig for gold.
(hit the jackpot)
And why do you do it? Because the windows are up
and, you think that we can't see you. We can.
(how ya doin'?)

So, crack open an ice cold budlight, oh nabber of the nose nugget,
we'd like to shake your hand but, you will have to wash it first.

(Mr. In the Car Nose Picker)

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