Bud Light - Real Men of Genius

Mr. Souvenir Snow Globe Maker

Bud Light Presents Real Men of Genius
(Real Men of Genius)

Today, we salute you, Mr. Souvenir Snow Globe Maker
(Mr. Souvenir Snow Globe Maker)
Scoffing at Mother Nature, you bring snowy wonderment
to miniature mowies, tiny tampas and, itty bitty bahamas.
(It's a small small world)
Sure, Rome wasn't built in a day, but mini snow globe Rome, was.
(A bit of Italy)
Today's forecast for mini Rio De Janerio., massive flooding,
followed by snow.
(Can't stop it now)
So crack open an ice cold budlight, champion of the chop ski,
Because you make everyones' world a little smaller.
And a whole lot snowier.
(Mr. Souvenir Snow Globe Maker)

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