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RIP Real Men of GeniusHey!  This is a great collection of all these hysterical commercials.
Thanks for putting this together.  God only knows why Anheuser-Busch is making you pull this down... Stupid lawyers... :-( -Stephen

Obviously bored lawyers in St. Louis. Another example of how Big Corp squashes little guy. - Tim

So you create a tribute site, and they thank you how?... Nice one Anheuser-Busch! - Michael

Friggin bummer! You should call the Howard Stern show, who loves these ads and tell him what a jerk that A-B is being! -Lilla

WOW how disappointing because not all the commercials are broadcasted.  I enjoyed the ability to play when I wanted to hear them and have my friends listen too.  Oh well. -Jeri

I sent budweiser an email letting them know I wasn't going to drink their beverages anymore for them acting so idiotic towards you just wanting to host their funny commercials.  Your site rocks, keep on truckin'. -Ni3i

that totally bites.   don't understand why we can't enjoy a laugh whenever we want to.  there is always someone who wants to crush the fun and use their authority to control. -Michelle

This news just saddens me. -Gina

I can't say I'm surprised, as every other site
I've come across has been shut down by Anheuser-Busch at some point. I'm in agreement with you in that.. I'm not sure why they're stopping people from freely distributing their advertisements. But I understand the need to
comply. -Kristin

aw, man...they suck. i've forwarded this to my friends who i shared your site with, and who shared your site with me...thanks for the heads-up! -Fauve

Dude, Man, this is not good.....for you OR them. I've seen this before with another site 2 yrs ago. Don't they understand that this is a great way to spread the commercials for a wider audience? Good luck. - E.P.

I'm sorry to hear about this happening to your site. At least there is always the various P2P networks. -CS

Does Lars Ulrich work for Bud Light now? -Bill R

Damn, that's a bunch of crap, I wrote them a nice long email telling them how dumb it is to remove the songs, and how we have more problems in this country than someone posting songs on a personal website. Also, I made a point to them to say how ridiculous it is to "not be associated" with your site. Give me a break, yeah, your site is such a bad thing for BudLight. -Lisa P

Man that sucks ass!!!!, I hate big corporations....do they really need to be ball breakers, for chrissake we are getting the word out by word of mouth..I tell all my friends these things are out there!! well screw them, I don't drink their beer anyway, bastards!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for fun while it lasted! -Craig R

It's all about the benjamins... A-B would is glad to let the world have access to their really funny radio spots: for only $9.99 a CD.  They are just worried that if those spots are available online, than no one will buy their CD's and they'll miss out on a few more bucks.  Don't they make enough money already?  I think that by bullying sites like Whipnet, they're losing more money than they'll make by selling those CDs -Eric P

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